Legal, Medical, Technical, Life Sciences, IT, Video games, Business and Finance, Literary, Website localization and Creative/Marketing.


Legal translation

Our professional legal translators provide top-quality translations for all legal material, from certificates to patents and contracts.


Life Sciences

Life sciences translation has been the main focus of some of the major translation agencies around the world for a reason, and our expert scientific translators are happy to provide their services to all scientific and research institutions that need them.


Business and Finance

We provide translation and proofreading services to businesses of all kinds. We can also handle the translation of all financial documents for all types of companies.



We provide linguistic services for all kinds of creative and marketing material. From ads and marketing campaigns to sales and creative content that will dazzle every potential buyer you are targeting.


Medical translation

Medical translation has never been in such demand, and our team of medical translators and proofreaders will provide you with the highest quality possible in that field.


IT translation

Because we know the importance of information technology in our age, and the unprecedented demand for linguistic services in this area, we recruited some of the best IT translators in the market to deal with your orders.


Literary translation

Literary translation is one of the toughest and most demanding fields in the translation industry. That is why only top of the pyramid translators are those who can provide high-quality literary translation, and you can find them here at Wavron.


Technical translation

The technical, industrial and engineering fields are regarded some of the biggest markets for translation services. So, our expert technical translators will handle all your technical translation orders proficiently.


Video games

The video game translation and localization market are the fastest growing market in the localization industry due to the unprecedented tendancy to make all games accessible to all players worldwide. Our experienced video game translators can provide video game companies and developers with translations of the highest quality in this field.


Website localization

Since everything is done via the internet nowadays, we have paid exceptional attention to localizing websites for all kids of users. From localizing the personal websites of individuals and small groups to handling the websites of large companies and institutions in order to help them reach more people worldwide.

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During our nine-year career in the localization industry, we provided translation and subtitling services to lot of clients, including major translation agencies, and multimedia localization companies, in addition to media production companies, like Netflix, Sony, Paramount, Ericsson, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and more.

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