Just like subtitling, captioning has become one of the most demanded linguistic services in the past 20 years. The importance of captioning lies within the small voice and sound details that do not appear in subtitles, such as the sound of a door closing or a person humming.



In addition to captioning, we offer subtitling for the deaf and hard-hearing services, which enables people with hearing problems and deficiencies to enjoy the multimedia they are watching or listening to.

With our captions and Subtitles for Deaf and Hard-hearing, we make sure you won’t miss any background voices or sound effects. Our talented and experienced audiovisual linguists ensure that you will enjoy every second of the multimedia you are watching or listening to.

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During our nine-year career in the localization industry, we provided translation and subtitling services to lot of clients, including major translation agencies, and multimedia localization companies, in addition to media production companies, like Netflix, Sony, Paramount, Ericsson, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox and more.

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